South Downs Marathon – 9th June 2012

  Marathon 7 COMPLETED

South Downs

In just a few short years the South Downs Marathon and marathon relay have become classics on the Trail Running calander – which is not surprising when you look at the fantastic scenery on the route.

For 2012 they’ve also announced that there will be a half marathon as well.

Starting at Slindon College we will be set off using a wave system starting 20mins apart with the first wave consisting of relay runners, the second runners who predict a finishing time of over 5hrs (that will be me then!), then the marathon runners predicting times of between 4 and 5hrs and final wave for runners predicting under 4 hrs (nice one Jamie!).

With an elevation gain of nearly 6000ft this looks to be one of the very hardest marathons that we’ll be taking part in this year.  Jamie and I can hardly wait to tackle those hills! oh the hills, those beautiful hills … oh god hills!

If you’re interested in finding out more about this particular race you can do so via the following link:

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