Loch Ness Marathon Video

Hi all,

This is the eleventh of the 12 marathons Jamie and I (the marathon men!) will be running this year. This is the video from the Loch Ness Marathon which was held on 30th September 2012.  We were looking forward to this one, located in the beautiful highlands this marathon promised to be a stunner.  From the published course profile it also looked like much of it would be downhill!!   So I in particular was looking forward to this one!! :o)

Next stop the Kielder Marathon next weekend for the last of our twelve marathons!!  Doesn’t time fly!

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  1. Not tired now. I like it. I put this comment elsewhere by mistake. Anyway, this is the only authorised comment I am making. No responsibility can be taken for any other comments made or purported to be made by any individual or organisation representing themselves as being by this sender in any state of consciousness whatsoever. Keep it up Marathon Men – almost there!

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