Guernsey Marathon Video

Hi All,

This is the ninth of the 12 marathons Jamie and I (the marathon men!) will be running this year. This is the video from the Guernsey Marathon which was held on 26th August 2012. We’d both been looking forward to this one as the Guernsey offers some brilliant views. My only reservation was the heat, I don’t do running in the heat to well!!┬áIt turned out to be a fantastic day, despite the high temperatures, and as you’ll see from the video I had a bit of fun on the way round the course.

Next stop the Cheddar Gorge on 9th September, which promises to be a brutal marathon. …. lets wait and see!

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  1. Immense video, but I would like to point out there were three spelling errors in the errors captions. Unless I’m very much mistayken.

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