Challenge Summary

2 Men, 12 Marathons, 10 Months … This is the list of marathons we are currently planning to enter as part of our challenge in 2012.  We have places secured for most of the races, however a few of the marathons have yet to open for entrants.  Check out the details of each of the marathons further down this page.

Marathon Map


Marathon Race Date
Endurancelife CTS Anglesey 21/01/2012
Endurancelife South Devon Marathon 18/02/2012
Blackpool Marathon 11/03/2012
Brighton Marathon 15/04/2012
Marathon of the North 06/05/2012
Brathey Windermere Marathon 20/05/2012
South Downs Marathon 09/06/2012
Isle of Man Marathon 22/07/2012
Guernsey Marathon 26/08/2012
Cheddar Gorge Marathon 09/09/2012
Loch Ness Marathon 30/09/2012
Kielder Marathon 07/10/2012

3 thoughts on “Challenge Summary

  1. Thats a formidable challenge assembled there Mr Willis quite a leap from the Hadrian’s Wall plan… Good luck to you both and I don’t envy you the ‘type’ and volume of training that you appear to be attempting over winter. But you must both be excited by the challenges ahead in 2012. Mad as a box of frogs the pair if you.

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