Blackpool Marathon Video

Hi All,

This is the third of the 12 marathons Jamie and I (the marathon men!) will be running this year. This is the Blackpool Marathon which was held on 11th March 2012. It was an easier run than the two previous ones, however boredom did set in fairly quickly.  Multiple trips up and down the promenade made for easy running, however it also made the day seem longer than it was!! Let’s hope that we won’t be saying the same thing about the Brighton Marathon on 15th April!

South Devon Marathon Video

Hi Guys,

At last the second of the 12 marathons Jamie and I (the marathon men!) will be running this year is here in video form. This is the Endurancelife CTS South Devon Marathon which was held on 18th February 2012. It was a run of two halves really, the first 3 hours were glorious sunshine, however it turned very cold wet and windy later in the day.  As you’ll see from the video I had some thoughts on that!  As with all Endurancelife events the views and organisation made it a fantastic experience. Something that we won’t have at the Blackpool Marathon on 11th March!

Marathon Men on Hadrians Wall Video

As you will have seen in other posts shortly after the Anglesey Marathon we had a training run up at Steel Rigg on Hadrians Wall.  This is a fantastic place to go running and plenty hilly which is ideal training for the South Devon Marathon on 18th February.  We were joined on the day by a fellow marathon runner Liz, she is also completing 12 marathons this year, some of which she will be doing with ourselves.

We’ve created a video of the day, it’s a little long but the views were too good to cut!!  We’ll make sure future video’s aren’t full length feature films like this one!! ;o)

Hope you enjoy.

Anglesey Marathon Video

Hi all,

Good News!  We’ve now had a chance to compile the video from our first Marathon, the Endurancelife CTS Anglesey Marathon which we both did on 21st January 2012.  As you will see from Jamie’s earlier post it was an incredibly difficult day but incredibly enjoyable.  Take a look and see for yourselves, you’ll also get to see Jamie rant for a while towards the end. Enjoy!

Running at the limit!

If you’ve been watching our updates on Runkeeper of late you’ll have noticed that both Jamie and I have been grumbling about some of the more intense training sessions that David has us doing at present.   These are fairly innocuous looking sessions simply entitled ‘Tempo run’ on the schedule.  How hard can that be right?

Well essentially these sessions consist of between six and ten 800 meter dashes around the local running track here in Hexham.  The idea being that we are running at 90 – 100% of our capacity, the worst of the training zones as you can see below!! 

Exercise Zones

I’ve also noted, having looked at the above chart, that Jamie seems to have about 15 bpm more given he’s 15 years my junior … oh to turn the clock back!!  Maybe I’ll just remember that and have it stored as a good excuse for later in the year, when he disappears into the distance after 18+ miles. 

Anyway back to the matter at hand, running at this intensity can make you feel a little nauseous, but we’re told it’s good for you really.  In case anyone is interested David has explained the technicality of these sessions.  In essence we are aiming to train above our current lactate thresholds in an effort to increase said threshold.  The greater the lactate threshold the less lactate build up in our blood stream and the easier the runs will become …. Apparently!!  Although the jury’s still out on that one Dave!

Other runs are performed at lower intensity for longer durations to simulate the stresses and strains experienced during the marathons themselves. As for the hill climbs I think David just likes to hurt us to be honest.  Maybe we crossed him in a previous life!

Anyway the science sounds great but all I know is that if pain is somehow related to gain then we are gaining on a weekly basis!

Thanks David … you’ve enhanced our running bravery.  Although at the end of a couple of sessions it’s probably just as well you’re in London and we can’t get a hold of you! 😛

Next week 20 things you’re not meant to do with a foam roller.  Exciting huh 🙂