Cheddar Gorge Marathon – 9th Sep 2012

  Marathon 10 Entries Confirmed

Chedder GorgeThe National Trust play host to our tenth marathon which is the inaugural Cheddar Gorge Challenge with the main race site on Strawberry Fields; a great site for a picnic with fantastic views of the gorge (for those not running!), apparently it will create a great amphitheatre style atmosphere as Jamie and I together with 300 other loonies come flying down the hill to the finish.

We’re told Cheddar Gorge is steep in places, and very steep everywhere else, in fact it’s been described as “hills with some extra hilly bits”. The Cheddar Gorge Challenge series takes in breath taking views and lung aching ascents, the terrain is varied and exciting, 500m long climbs and descents at 10% or more should be expected … eek!.
They have tried to measure the total ascent, but none of their gadgets have been able to cope with the course. Needless to say, this race will be tough. But nowhere in the country compares when it comes to beautiful landscapes and energising views.  We can’t wait!

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Loch Ness Marathon – 30th Sep 2012

  Marathon 11 Entries Confirmed

The Loch Ness Marathon & Festival of Running is a notable fixture on the running calendar and our penultimate event :o. We will have done many great marathons this year, many of them particularly marked by their settings, and the Loch Ness ranks right alongside them.

The centuries-old legend of the Loch Ness Monster is a story that continues to run. Along with the scenic beauty of the area, it has been responsible for attracting visitors to this fascinating part of Scotland for many years.

The opportunity to put such a memorable marathon on our list and the possibility of sighting ‘nessy’ meant this was a must when compiling our list of 12 marathons.

The route begins in an atmospheric location and continues through breathtaking scenery, taking us along the south-eastern shores of Loch Ness, across the River Ness, and into the centre of Inverness, the capital city of the Highlands.

Marathon Route Map

Marathon Profile

All down hill 😮 … great views, gravity assisted … put simply we can’t wait!

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Kielder Marathon – 7th Oct 2012

  Marathon 12 Entries Confirmed

Kielder MarathonSo here we are, back to where it all started and the last of our 12 Marathons.  I think this could be a sad day for Jamie and I, however I’ve come to learn that I can rely on Jamie for mad-cap ideas and I’m sure by the time we join the start line he’ll have found another way to keep me in pain!

As Jamie and I found out last year the course is a spectacular and inspiring challenge.  Rarely leaving the shores of Kielder Water, it follows the Lakeside Way meandering through the forest and heath land that surrounds the lake.

There are a few inclines to negotiate but most are of the short sharp nature and are rewarded afterwards with nice long stretches of easy running. Most inclines come in the first 15 miles or so and the final few miles are amongst the easiest running on the course, hoooraaay.  That’s what Steve Cram tells us, however those last few easy miles didn’t feel so easy a year ago!

Kielder Route

If you’re interested in finding out more about this particular race you can do so via the following link: